A Book of English Reader (Class 1 to 8)

Easy to Learn ”Golden Feather” is a series of eight books for class 1 to 8. Some special features of this series are as follows:

  • Interesting warm up and consolidation tasks to ensure a holistic comprehension by the learners.
  • Understanding the Poem imbues appreciation of poetry.
  • Vocabulary Centres around usage and contextual uses of words. Speaking correctly focuses on phonetics.


English Literature

  • English Literature-6
  • English Literature-7
  • English Literature-8
Main Course Book Work Book
  • Golden Feather-1
  • Golden Feather-2
  • Golden Feather-3
  • Golden Feather-4
  • Golden Feather-5
  • Golden Feather-6
  • Golden Feather-7
  • Golden Feather-8
  • Work Book-1
  • Work Book-2
  • Work Book-3
  • Work Book-4
  • Work Book-5
  • Work Book-6
  • Work Book-7
  • Work Book-8