Foundation of Information and Technology

Class 9 and 10 Computer Science Books

Easy to Learn “MGS Foundation of Information Technology” (A book of Computer Science for Class 9 and 10) is a modest effort to boosts students for further studies in subjects related to computer. It also encourages
students to easily handle open source software such as applications with Windows based Operating System. New and multiple versions of software have been described in a nutshell as per the CCE
guidelines of the CBSE.


Essential Features:

  • BuzzWord!: It describes the meaning of difficult and new terms
  • Datum : It provides additional knowledge related to the chapter
  • Search : It carries IQ questions related to inventors as well as discoveries till date
  • Improving Skills : A gallery that enhances the thinking ability of the learners, which will help them throughout their academic carrier
  • Memorable : It contains information about a persons related to the reading topic
  • New: One specific information in each unit explaining the latest version of software, recent technology, researches, top IT companies, top CS colleges in the world, careers, shortcut keys, etc.
  • IQ Test : Students are asked to make a question not given in the exercises and write its answer. It helps in improving their thinking and writing skills.